Dawn Kelly
I’ve had back problems for a long time and Porter has been there to put me back together every time. He takes walk-ins. Will come in on his days off and weekends to get you fixed. I’ve been at a ballgame with him and said I really need to be put back in place and after the game he took the time to fix it. He is an outstanding Chiropractor!

Marion Doering Craig
After a dental injury that damaged my cranial nerve, locked and displaced my jaw and gave me Bell’s palsy, I was suffering with tremendous pain, numbness up the left side of my face, non-stop headaches, etc. My condition was getting steadily worse and I was encouraged to go see Dr. Porter (after unsuccessful recovery from my injury by several other doctors, including an oral surgeon). On my first visit, It was clear that Dr. Porter was very knowledgeable, truly cares about people, and desires to help them. He was the only doctor who was successful in diagnosing my injury and helping me recover. Because of Dr. Porter, my facial numbness is gone, my jaw is back in place, and most of my pain is gone. A normal life seems possible for me now. I think Dr. Porter is amazing and right now he is practically the only doctor I trust. Heroes come to us in many ways, I’m just saying. I don’t care what it is, if you haven’t received help, you should go see Dr. Porter!